Autosport at NEC

So I went to the Autosport show at the NEC on Saturday to buy a new things and managed to get my seat and side mounts and an OMP Race Suit, also had my medical there! I wanted to get a few more things like helmet and stuff but it was so busy I got a bit fed up to be honest lol. I booked my ARDs test as well today!!

Oh and I signed up to the championship at Autosport! So I’m now officially on board. Looking like a huge grid as usual this year and with the EVO’s moving to another championship there should be a bit more competition in the other classes, should be exciting!

280mm Calipers and Carriers

After talking to a few people I decided to try and go for a 280mm setup from a Mk3 Ibiza Cupra, I get the feeling everyone will be out braking me however its a good upgrade for now until I can buy some nice AP calipers.