Cage update and…oops!

The car is now going to Ajec Racing for fitting after a issues…..anyway made a little mistake last weekend…I removed the sunroof last weekend with the intention of riveting on an aluminium sheet this weekend however I got caught up and didn’t get the sheet fitted. Anyway checked the car yesterday and there were 2 huge puddles in the drivers and passengers footwells 🙁 Guess those 2 car covers I had covering it weren’t enough!!! Anyway after drying the car up and removing the water we had a bit of a play and removed a bit of wiring, had a mess around under the engine bay, removed the battery, and took the front bumper off to get a better look around.

wiringWires Removed

Clothing and Helmet

I placed a order with Demon Tweeks for the remainder of my clothing and its all arrived so I’m fully kitted up now (apart from the boots which are on back order)

Bell Sport 4 HelmentOMP GlovesOMP Nomex Underwear

Bucket Seat and Harnesses

Well after a few problems with the wrong seat being delivered and looking at receipt to see she’d written down the wrong seat but still charged me for the more expensive one!! After a few phonecalls, they didn’t have the seat I wanted in stock and said it would be at least a week, so I decided to upgrad to an XL and managed to get myself some 6 point harnesses at cost price!

Corbeau Pro Series Bucket Seat