29th August Race Meeting

I went out for qualifying and after 3 laps (minimum I have to do) I saw my oil pressure looked low so decided to come in, in the pits the gauge showed 0 pressure. After putting in a mechanical gauge and seeing 30psi we decided that I just had a dodgy gauge!! grrr!! Anyway I’d qualified 27th with a 1:30.335, 8th in class out of 10, 3 seconds off my best ever time but with the problems and first time back I was happy with this.

The race, obviously nerves kicking in but as soon as you line up these disappear quite quickly 🙂 I gave it too much on the start and got too much wheelspin but everyone else seemed to do the same! I dived down the inside of a few cars going into quarry and locked up, meaning I got passed again on the exit, then unfortunately me nearest competition pulled off with problems 🙁 and people in front pulled away and I left the people behind. After 5 or so laps I realised I’d used 1/4 tank (I only put in 1/2 tank and its 15 laps!) so I backed off a bit and after 11 laps I think it was a medi helicopter was hovering above the circuit attending a previous incident so the race was stopped. I finished 23rd, 7th in class with a best time of 1:27.438, which is equalling last season, which tbh I’m not very happy with but the map was setup with a very safe map and it was my first time back so I suppose its ok lol.