Howards Day 21st April 2014

We had our first race of the year on Easter Bank Holiday Monday. This race day is dedicated to Howard Strawford who sadly passed away last year.

Qualifying was going ok, just getting used to the car after 6 months off but on the 2nd flying lap the car dived to the left on turning into Camp Corner. It took me completely by surprise and I didn’t react quick enough to power through it. I touched the wet grass and the car headed for the tyre wall, I was a bit of a passenger here but somehow I escaped a full impact with the wall and I just had a single scratch down the side of the car (from a bolt holding the tyres together I assume!). Phew! I wasn’t immediately sure what was going on and I took it easy but kept being thrown to the left. I did my laps and came in. I managed a mid 1:25 which managed to put me on pole for the class and 22nd overall.

We had a play with the tracking on the pits and made sure everything was tight but we couldn’t see anything obviously wrong.

Race Video:

As you can see from the video, I managed to get quite a good launch. A few of the faster cars from behind then overtook over the next lap or two and I could see Kelly williams in her Fiesta gaining. We then had a good little battle over a few laps. She had the better straight line speed but I seemed to have her through the back of the circuit. She eventually made her way past going into the Esses and I kept with her, then upon lapping a few back markers I managed to retake the position. Then after being lapped by the leaders Kelly dropped back a little more and I was pretty much alone after that. I managed to improve my qualifying time to a mid 1:23 but being a bit rusty from 6 months off there’s definitely better times to come!

We’ll be back in 2 weeks for the next round!! 🙂