July Double Header at Retro Race Weekend

The first double header of the year and slap bang in the middle of the season. This one could make / break the whole championship battle and class battle!


I qualified in 3rd with a time of 1:22.675, just behind Adrian Slade (MG ZR) – 1:22.640 and Russell Poynter-Brown (Vauxhall Corsa) 1:22.389. All very close and starting next to each on the grid and with Arthur Marks (Suzuki Swift) behind us with 1:22.839.

I got a good start and managed to get straight up into pole position up into Quarry but Arthur Marks managed to get down the inside of me before the Esses. I followed for a few laps, with Russell close behind and he managed to get down the outside of me into Camp, due to a better run out of Bobbies. I then didn’t expect Russell to stop so quickly braking over the rise and put the car into a spin and managed to (just!!) miss everyone and collect it and get going again. I managed to catch back up to Russell and Arthur after a few laps and eventually made it past Arthur taking him around the outside at Old Paddock 1 lap before the end and finished 2nd in class. Overall it was a good race but frustrating that I probably had the pace finish up front in class. Still 9 points collected!


Again qualified in 3rd (grr!) this time Arthur Marks put his Swift in 1st with a 1:23.008, Russell in 2nd with 1:23.082 and me in 3rd with 1:23.157. Again all very close!!

Got another good start and up into 2nd behind Arthur. There were several other cars around us this time including Annie King, Paul Gradner, Geoff Ryall and Kieren Simmons. It was all very close racing for a few laps and I could see things escalating with a few people rubbing each other etc and the inevitable happened and Geoff Ryall (Peugeot 106) came together with Annie King (MG ZR) and Annie went into the wall at Camp. This compromised Arthur’s run and I squeezed past him before the safety car came out.

I got a rubbish restart after the Safety Car and Arthur was all over me for a bit before he started to get hassle from Geoff Ryall and he dropped back a bit. I put in my 3 fastest laps of the race and managed to pull a bit of a gap and take home the class win and the fastest lap for a nice 11 points!

Overall it was a great weekend with some very close racing and I thoroughly enjoyed it and managed to put in my PB of 1:21.993! I’m sure the car can go faster though 🙂

Winners Car 13th July 2014

Overall Championship Points

Dave Rose 62
Tony Dolley 60
Carl Loader 51

Class D Points
Dave Rose 62
Arthur Marks 50
Chris Morris 42